MENTOR Kevin J. Fox

Mentored by Blair Witch Project Executive Producer

July 6, 2016

So fortunate to have KEVIN J FOXE as my Producing Mentor for Creative Lab Hawaii 2016. Among his many credits Kevin was Executive Producer for the Blair witch Project. He has a wealth of knowledge, has a cool rebel "just do it" attitude and even more cool is that I now consider him a friend of mine.


Kevin's Bio:

Kevin J Foxe, producer, writer and director, has been working in new media since it was actually new. Producing in film, digital, web and multimedia for over 30 years now, he has been the person behind many groundbreaking and successful projects such as Do Over, a romantic comedy, The Ghost Experiment, a 3D ghost story, Jackson Horn, a pioneering effort of independently produced and broadcast television, the Sundance Documentary Audience Award Winner How To Draw A Bunny, American Adobo, a Phillipino/American indie success, the interactive series Ancestors on PBS, a social network involving global change, was the founding vice chair of the Producer’s Guild New Media Council, and producing, The Blair Witch Project a film that changed interactivity between the internet, gaming and film forever.